What is a Leveling Caster

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Leveling casters, like traditional casters, have a wheel that is mounted inside a bracket. That bracket is often called a rig or yoke. Once the leveling casters are mounted onto a piece of equipment, it becomes mobile and can easily be pushed from place to place just like a traditional caster would allow for.



The difference between a leveling caster and traditional caster is once the equipment is in place, the leveling caster has a pad that can be lowered until it is pressed against the floor. This relieves the wheel of the equipment’s weight and makes the equipment stationary. At this time adjustments can also be made to the leveling pad to ensure that the equipment is level.



Once it is time to move the equipment, simply adjust the leveling pad so the equipment is back on the wheels. If you have questions about leveling casters, we would be happy to help. If you would like to shop our various leveling casters, use the link below to easily find the correct leveling caster for your application!



Leveling Caster Store












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