Product Options

These leveling casters, or adjustable casters, come in a variety of options to meet your application requirements. These options can be selected once a leveling caster has been clicked on while shopping. Below you can find a detailed description of each of option.

Mounting Options

There are two styles of mounting options available with these leveling casters. A top plate mount and a threaded stem mount. The top plate mount allows you to bolt the casters on using four bolt holes or they can be welded directly onto the equipment. The threaded stem mount allows you to put the stem threw a hole and place a nut on top, or thread directly into the equipment if the equipment allows.

Both styles of mounting options come with the mounting hardware. Check the product specs for more information on sizing of the top plate or threaded stem.

Top Plate Mount

Threaded Stem Mount

Adjustment Style

These leveling casters have three different leveling pad adjustment styles to choose from. The standard adjustment device is the manual thumb wheel which is found on all light and medium duty casters. To raise or lower the pad, use your thumb or fingers to spin the wheel.

For the heavier loads or a more ergonomic option, the self-contained ratchet is a great choice. Simply fold out the ratchet, raise or lower the leveling pad, and fold the ratchet back in.

Finally for the heaviest loads, a nut is turned using an open-ended wrench. The open-ended wrench provides the most leverage to adjust the leveling pad on the heavy duty loads. 

Manual Wheel


Nut for Wrench

Wheel Type

There are two types of wheels that can be selected from depending on the size of the caster. The standard wheel type is the high strength nylon wheel. This wheel is black in color, has a very hard tread, and is incredibly durable. The other option is the polyurethane on aluminum core wheel. This wheel should be used when maximum floor protect is needed. This wheel also has the added benefit of being less noisy & smoother when being rolled. 

High Strength Nylon 6 Wheel 

Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheel

Leveling Pad

There are three types of leveling pads available depending on the size of the caster. The standard leveling pad is made of a NBR Rubber and is black in color. The other options are a clear non-marking polyurethane for maximum floor protection or an anti-static clear non-marking polyurethane leveling pad for cleanrooms and other applications where there cannot be static.

NBR Rubber Pad

 Non-marking Polyurethane Pad

Anti-static Rubber Pad


Our standard colors are ivory and flat black. For custom colors, please contact us.

Flat Black