Leveling Caster Capacity Explained

Each leveling caster on the site will have a load capacity listed in its title and product description. This is the capacity that a single caster is rated for. So for example, if you have four casters on your piece of equipment and each casters is rated for 110 pounds, that total capacity would be 440 pounds. 

However, with leveling casters, it is recommend that the load capacity used be half of the stated capacity. So using the same example from above, it would be recommended that the equipment weigh no more than 220 pounds even though the total capacity is 440 pounds. 

There are a few reasons for this. First, it makes it easier to use adjust the leveling pad. Under full capacity it becomes very difficult and strenuous on the casters and the person making the adjustment. Second, when adjustments are made to the leveling pad under full capacity, it could lead to excess stress on the caster as weight is shifted unevenly to other casters when the leveling pad is engaged and could lead to failure. 

For these reasons we highly recommend adhering to the recommended load capacity of half of the stated capacity.