3" Nylon Wheel Leveling Caster with Fixed Location Operating Lever - 440 Lbs Capacity | EHRLK-PO 75G

  • $163.59 EHRLK-PO 75G

Product Description:

Blickle's leveling casters are the premier option for transforming mobile work equipment into stable work equipment. The HRLK series is different from Blickle's other leveling casters in that the actuation lever that lowers the leveling pad does not swivel with the caster. The caster also features a swiveling leveling pad to account for irregularities in the floor and high floor clearance for when the leveling pad is not in use. 

Clich Here to Watch the Video Demonstration of the HRLK Series

  • Adjustment Style - Ergonomically shapped actuation lever
  • Non-marking wheel & leveling pad
  • Stainless Steel or electrically conductive versions available upon request

Product Specifications:

Load Capacity / 1 Caster: 440 lbs. Overall Height (H): 4.70" (118mm)
Recommended Load Capacity / 4 Casters: 1320 Lbs MaxTotal Height (h): 4.72" (120mm)
Wheel Diameter (D): 3" (75mm)  Adjustment Range (T4): .08" (2mm)
Tread Width (T2): 1.259" (32mm) Caster Rig: Heavy Pressed Steel with Zinc Plating
Wheel Type: Impact Resistant Nylon Mounting Plate Size: 100mm x 85mm
Wheel Bearing Type: Plain Bore Bolt Hole Pattern: 80mm x 60mm
Temp Range: -13° F to176° F Caster Type: Swivel Caster 
Wheel Durometer: 70 Shore D Swivel Radius: 
Wheel Color: White Mounting Bolt Size: 5/16" (9mm)
Weight: 4 lbs Swivel Construction: Double Ball Bearing