110 Lbs Capacity

Shop leveling casters with 110 lbs capacity here! While small, these leveling casters will get the job done. While each caster is rated for 110 lbs capacity, we recommend the load capacity used be half of stated capacity. For example, if four casters are being used, the overall capacity is 440 lbs, however, the recommend capacity is 220 lbs. 

There are two reasons for this. First, it becomes very difficult to make adjustments to the leveling pad under full capacity. Second, as the leveling pad is enagaged it will put more weight onto the casters that have not had the pad engaged yet.

These casters come in a variety of options such as color, mounting type, leveling pad type, and wheel type. Need help finding the best leveling caster for you application? We are here to help! Call or email with questions.

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